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Satire Audio Tech

Basically this map is based in a research complex, where something is being done.
The facility is built in science fiction style, though the mountainside it was built in is taking some parts of it back.

The story line goes something like this;
"The Open Skies Lumber Company (Middle Eastern Owned) has found a new shrub, that they believe can be used in Biological Weapons, A rival faction has found out, and wish to destroy the 2 main areas of the complex.

The OSLC Has got help from the US Counter Terrorism unit, to defend the complex, and as such the Rival faction has to tunnel into level 3, and work they’re way to one of the 2 bombsites
The First bomb site is on Level 1, and is a shipment of Biological mass
The Second bomb site is on Level 2, and is the Control Room for the complex"

Version 7

The Caven

T Spawn

Level 3 Grey Hall

Bomb Site B


Empty Spot

Version 6

Looking at level 2 access


Version 5

Blue Hall

Blue Hall, looking at lift shaft to Brown Hall

The Cave, redsigned for lower r_speeds

New Grey Hall, with hole to sewer

Sewer betwen The Cave, and Grey Hall

New OverView

Version 4

A Cave -Looks nice

Looking at the hall betwen CT Spawn, and Cave

New Overview

Version 3

Bomb A -Complete!

Level 2 -Looking at lift well

Level 2 -Looking at lift well Again :P

Version 2

Bomb A

More of Bomb A

"Blue Hall"Between CT Spawn, and Bomb Site A

CT Spawn

Under CT Spawn

More of the area under CT Spawn

Hall between CT Spawn, and Bomb A

The "Loader"Model

Version 1

CT Spawn

First look at "Blue Hall"Between

Vent system between CT Spawn, and Bomb A

Old Over View