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This map 's orignal design was to be a TSA v TSA combat map, once the TSA V TSA mode was enabled -how ever the map has evloved into a ns_ map


Download ns_ury273_rc3 -15.2 MB

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Change log

Public screen shot version 9

Added 2nd access route to Cesspool
Added generator room that has 2 generators that must be welded on to gain access to Cesspool hive
The Cesspool hive has a Xeno only open able door, labeled Maintenance access
Fixed some lighting problems in the Cesspool access
Made Cesspool Access generator sound quieter
Made BSP lighting smaller, by replacing info_loaction textures with "null"
Fixed Ony stuck issues with ns hull file in ready room

Public screen shot version 8

Added start of Cafe hive
Added 1st access route to "Lake hive"
Changed lake hive to "Cesspool Hive"
Added lockers
Connected bunker 3 with Bunker 4
Added fresh res node to end of Bunker 4
Changed weld time in tsa spawn back to 30 seconds -as with all weldable loactions in the map

Public screen shot version 7

Fixed some "null"errors in ready room
Changed the textures in Lake Hive, now the water is an animated texture -feel dizzy?
Added the start of the 2nd hive
Fixed info_loaction over lapping -to stop crashes
Made info_loaction 1 unit thick to save on bsp space
Made the over pass longer, it now comes out into The Cave, so there are 2 ways to get into it
Fixed lighting, so its not so bright nor harsh in cargo room, and also changed the lighting to white, not sun yellow
Removed the particle system, and replaced it with normal env_sprites
Added sounds to Lake Hive
Fixed water out side play area issues, to try and help with minimap building

Public screen shot version 6

Moved the light switch button down, so that its 48 units off the ground in ready room
Finished the ready room
Added the first official hive location, with 15 spawn points
Added 14 more spawn points to tsa spawn
Added weld able doors at tsa spawn, one for the res, one for the cc, and one empty one, for things such as labs, obs, etc, weld time is 200 seconds, 3.32 min
Added info_locations
Added a cargo room, (basic, and small) with a ready room stair case, to reach an over pass, and door, that will lead some where
Added 2 more bunkers, they will lead to a new hive, but take different ways to get there
Added some crates to the middle of the east road, for kahraa playability

Public screen shot version 5

Changed the ready room by -
Removed rr.mp3, as trigger_mp3 is fucked at moment, and the rr.mp3 will not fit the style any more
Added red lights in pipe room under the grates to show the pipes
Added computer consoles, with lighting, fade, sprites, and sounds to tsa join team

Public screen shot version 4

Changed some of the ready room by -
Adding stair case from where the lift well was, to the bar
Making the lift a funk_wall at the top of the old shaft
Moved the bar lighting to over head
Removed the bar, and replaced it with pipes
Changed the speck, and random team join sections
Changed the lifts button to toggle the lights under the tsa, xeno join teams
Added stair case, and removed the ladders

Public screen shot version 3

Added basic ready room
Worked on lighting issues by -
Changing additive to glow on sprites
Removed the cs_assult light values
Added a new sky map, cydonia, and sky light values

Public screen shot version 2

Fixed func_seethrough errors
Added Lift
Added bunker 2
Added better lighting for the cave

Public screen shot version 1

Light errors from funk_seethrough

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