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These are My Projects

amckerms Explosion Wars

This mod was just a quick nock up, that has become one of the most downloaded mods, at the

You can view the Moddb profile here

http: // /374

The Realty Dysfunction

This was an ill fated mod, that has now be droped

Black Mesa Investigation Services

This is a long term Single Player side project, that has no active web pages


The Sven Coop, Aliens V 's Players Project is one of the longest single player projects that I have ever made, you can view more at the sc_avp page Here


This mod is remaking Unreal in Half Life, the orignal idea was to make Ut2003 /2004, but some people like the Clasic UT, and as such are making maps based on it

On Hold

ZHLT 3.0

The complie tools for Half Life

Sapphire Scar

Doom 3 Total Conversion

I have also got other projects that I am working on, but are not at a status for saying waht it they are.

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