2Bases2 -Working Name
By amckern
SvenCoop 3.5 Submission


Idea is to kill or be killed.

Destroy a key objective in the Aliens Lock down, and try and defend, and heal the Aliens Objective in your base.

2 Bases, one ran by players, the other by Aliens.

Players, have allies, of human machinery, i.e. sentry, Human military, and Guards.

The Aliens objective will heal its self over time, so the players must destroy it, and keep heading for it, as much as possible.

The map should be made for at least 4 players, 2, or 3 to head for the Alien objective, and 1 or 2 to stay behind, and guard the human Aliens objective in base.

Its hard to belive that this map sat on my hard drive as a sky box, for about 3 years, untill I was doing a back up, and thought I might try and work on the map, that reminds me, I still have to do that Back up!

The monster placment is just random at this stage, though if this map is accepted, the monsters will be refinded, and some parts of the map will have an overhal, to let the monsters get to the objective, as monsters cant climb ladders yet.

The map has just been re-textured so new shots are geting made

Screen Shots

Click each screen shot, for 1024x768 screen

Random Shot

Objective Hole

Battle Zone

Cafe - Thanks to the Guy that did the play test with me

The Swr