SC_28 -Sven Coop 28 Corp.

by amckern

You have been in the clone vats for a while now. The Australian govermant are tired of wating for the new combat marines that the Gman has been building for them -and spent almost 5 Billion on. The Australian Govermant is now sending in the marines to storm the Gmans office after it has closed, and kill of the Clones. The vats have been powered off, and the Cyrogen plasma drained. As you take your first breaths of life the marines take out the last Sci as he gets to his car.
Your Clone mates and your self have been preloaded with a mission -

  -Get to the Gmans office on the second level and open the Sat Uplink acess door

  -Kill all the grunts to recive acsess to the uplink lift controls

  -Destory the uplink

Good luck

Your late Clone Vate Supervisor



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The Car Park Presidnets office Air Condtion Roof
Lift to lower level Lower Level Your Mission Is Complete

SC_Duno by amckern (C) 2002 -2003 amckern