Hey all

Welcome to the development newsletter, this document is only meant to be seen by the team, and part of it, to be seen by the public, as seen fit by myself, and the promotion person -yet to be found.

The format will change, though each edition will be in its own location, such as Newsletter 2 will be in http: //ammahls.hlrse.com /un-life /newsletter /2 /

The who 's who of who.

I wish to welcome you to the team, and introduce each of you as best I know, contact details are here as well, if you want to add each other to a list (HINT HINT)


Team Leader, Lead Coder, Mapper, Web Master /Designer

Contact Details
EMAIL [email protected]
AIM -amperman
MSN [email protected]
YIM -amckern



Contact Details
N /A



Contact Details
AIM -LazerZM

Sapphire Audiotech
Sapphire Audiotech are a professional sound studio, that is helping us with our sounds, there contact details are hidden, until they wish for them to be shown

Member, and role
Rowan -Sapphire Audiotech Owner, Sounds, Sound designer, and Sound concepts

Jim -Music

Other Team Members not yet listed.


To start off with, I have a whole lot of screen shots, of the detail that I would like to see from the model team, for the mod, please find them below.

These guns are also the guns that will be used, along with health packs, etc.

If you have UT2k3, then you know what these guns work link, and as such you can make them replicas, if you cannot do something with the smd 's them simply let me know, and I 'll try and do it with code, though these models have a lot of effect from skin, and anima effects.

Click each screen to view the 800 X 600 Screen

Screen shots, artwork etc., in this image list (C) 2003 Remedy

Starting Handgun -Alt Fire Grenades
In distance -w model of mini gun

Mini gun -Alt Fire Faster speed
Looking at w model

Vial of Health (+5 HP)
Simple -low polly model -chrome based skin

Mini gun ammo (+50) Right
Grenade ammo (+2) Left

Health Pack (+25 HP)
More complex model, but low polly

Link Gun ammo (+50) Background
Grenade ammo (+2) Foreground

Adrenalin -Large model of Vial of Health
These might not be used...

Link Gun ammo (+50) Left
Shock Rifle ammo (+30) Right

Shock Rifle w model

Shock Rifle - 
Primary -Ion Blast
Alt fire ion ball (slow moving)

Lighting Gun -
Primary Fire -Shot gun
Alt Fire -Use Scope

Lighting Gun -
w model
Ammo (+5)

Primary -Jack Hammer Blast
Alt -Shield -Covers players front only

Rocket Launcher
Primary -Single Rocket
Alt -Up to 3 Rockets

Rocket Launcher
w model
Ammo (+10)

Flack Canon
Primary -Flack shot (w /rebounds)
Alt -Contact Flack Grenade

Flack Canon
w model
Flack Shells (Orange) (+5)
Mini gun ammo (+50)
Grenades (+2)

Player with Rocket Launcher

Gold Armor Shield (+100 AP)
Red Armor Shield (+50 AP)

Player with Link Gun


To answer your q in the email rowan, Jimís music is not the style that I am looking for. I am after more of a hard-core dance music, tune into CPX on Wednesday nights -99.9 FM from 8.30 PM for the style that I am looking for. I have contacted CPX for exclusive remixes, though they are yet to get back to me.


The Pre-Team Alpha -working code, can be downloaded, and used, grab the file here
http: //ammahls.hlrse.com /un-life /downloads /win32 /un-life.rar

Password "modteam"
You need the latest version of winrar or, you will get a bad file, when un-raring it

Extract the file to a folder in your half-life folder named "un-life"

FGD Files are found in the fgd folder, and desktop icons are found in the icons folder

Web Links

Official MODDB Profile


Official web site


The official web site will be redirected to whatever site is active because I am still trying to set up the hlrse.com site, and don 't know how long hlrse.com will be active the geocities.com site is a backup.


Please find the link to the next newsletter in your in box.

If you need to contact me, then please email me at [email protected], or one of the contact options above