Helping Vis with leaves
By amckern

Hey amckern, seeing as you 're working on a modified version of the p15 tools, i would really appreciate if you could answer a question for me, i 'm having allot of trouble with my leaves (97.4 fullness and about to go right over) and i need to know why func_walls generate leaves during bsp. Also what could i use alternatively that wouldn 't generate more leaves? If i made a duplicated of some geometry, made if a func_illusionary and textured the original clip, would that create the effect of a func_wall without generating the leaves?

I just did a google search, and found that one of my fellow coders has a in-depth look at Vis - http: // /index.php?page=hlvis/hlvis.htm

Look at your map, and see if you can do anything to reduce the leaves, such as cutting the brush with clip, and not letting vis do it for you -its allot of gl_wireframe 1, but well worth it, once its done, also null any sides of entities the player wont see

Making a square of brushes around a pipe, or such, will reduce the entity count, and also, make the leaf count smaller, and speed Vis up, as you can see by the MS Paint shown here -

Example of Brushwork

At the end of doing this you should have a better map for Vis, that makes less leaves, and also speed the compile process up even more, Because you do some of the Grunt work that Vis would normally do.

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