Un-Life -A Half Life Death Match Total Conversion

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Un-Life -A Half Life Death Match Total Conversion

News Flash!!!

Un-Real Cross Bread with Hal Life -Unexpected results as outcome

On Friday night one of the people living in the Community of Half Life, begun to cross bread Un-Real With Half Life

The results where better then this person thought, and as they begun adding more code to the 0’s and 1’s of the communities SDK, they found that the aging engine of the Half Life community could support more then thought.

At the end of Sunday night, the Half Life community was awe struck with the 1st look at the visually impaired, but idea rich mod, that become the next big project of the infamous AMMAHLS Team, makers of Single Player Natural Selection, amckerns Explosion wars, and code team on other well know MODs such as Strong Bad MOD, and Chicken Rising.

Today the AMMAHLS Team released this statement to the ModDB

“Un-Life is a over powering brother to Half Life Death Match, but has mutated to include the best of Un-Real and Quake Death Match.”

The team is pushing that the mod is not a DMC Clone, nor is it, a straight out HLDM clone either.

“Our code team, has looked at the 1’s and 0’s of the DMC mod for Half Life, but have found that the code base is to brittle, for the mod we want to achieve.”

They also give some insight into what the final mod will include, and how easy it will be to customize

“Un-Life will be based around mp3, and ogg sounds, over the older, less powerful wave sounds, that are used in most of our community’s mods. We will also be including 10 game modes, of what will be added, or removed depending on the reaction of the community, how ever the first beta will be death match, and possible have Damage mode included, depending on time restraints. We are planning on making the code lose enough, so that plug-ins such as rocket mod can be made by utter nubs, while keeping the code tight enough for hackers to stay out.

We have also planed from day 1, for Un-Life to be as customizable as possible, by making each model have its own pack file in the WON mod, while each model has its own folder in the Steam mod.”

The AMMAHLS Team, is also using its Australian sound, and model team, to make fresh sounds, and models, unlike some mod teams that use ripped sounds from other games, or even brethren mods

“In the past year, AMMAHLS has found two people, that now work on the AMMAHLS projects full, time. The sound master, has just completed his degree in sound engineering at TAFE NSW, while the modeler, is in stage 2 programming at TAFE NSW as well, this person shall, be upgrading there skill, to programming AMMAHLS projects at the end of 2004”

So by the looks of it, the AMMAHLS Team, is not letting too much information pass, but they promise to keep the public up to date on the Project via news posts at the www.SnarkPit.com, and ModDB.com

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