More complex brush work


Now, switch back to the design view ports and add a brush that is 128x128x128 from the ground and looks similar to the figure to the left.


After this get the clip brush, and clip the brush so that you have a ramp, like the one on the left.


This ramp, is very step, and would take a long time to climb if you had an AWP in your hand, and as such a normal rule for ramps 2x1. This is where the block is 2 units long for each unit in height.


For roads, a 3x1 is better, where the block is 3 units long for each unit in height.


Though some times when clipping, you might get an over sized texture. This can be cause from having the Texture lock (TL) hot key shift + l on, or its just how hammer wants your brush to look. If these do happen, there is not much you can do to fix it, other then undoing that clip, and trying to re clip the brush, in most cases this will fix it.